Massive Warfare

Ground Class


Lem Em Burn!

A rugged terrestial vehicle that excels at close assault, with a heavy armour profile and weaponry ideal for slicing through cover. Cook your enemies up close with the lethal flame thrower, and if they try to hide behind obstacles then shred them with shrapnel from a distance using the powerful grenade launcher.

Sea Class


Swift and Deadly

A vicious water vehicle with all of the advantages the class provides. They'll never see you coming. Propel yourself over the waves silently and launch a devastating barrage rocket right where the enemy least expects it. Then mop up the survivors with a hail of hot lead from your rapid fire machine guns.

Air Class


Death from Above

A tried and tested chassis design reinforced with the latest modern weapons and materials. This aerial vehicle can slice through even the toughest opponents with lethal lances of napalm or by pounding them with high velocity fragmentation shells. Ideal for frontal assault in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Amphibian Class


Hybrid Ambush Expert

A true all-terrain combat solution, able to navigate anywhere on the battlefield to outmanouvere its opponents and incinerate them at close range or pound them with explosive cannon shells from afar. Expert engineering choices means that this is a great all-rounder, adaptable to any combat situation.